The Whole Vintage Idea


As fashion trends are constantly changing day to day, vintage is one that has always been prominent in whatever style, season or year of fashion it is. ‘The Whole Vintage Idea’ explores the needs and demands of consumers that buy into this look.

Yasmin works with Birmingham’s independent stores to create a response to how vintage is sold, brought and what prominence it has in the retailing market. A consistent theme risen in the research was this division regarding contemporary vintage and authentic sort out vintage wear. What it means to find a piece of item that is considered vintage has a higher value, than high end stores recreating those styles, to make a more retail appropriate vintage has been the underpinning theme in the work created. 

Presented in various ways, from a quilt that explores the old and the new to creating items of clothing with vintage patterns. Showing the traditions that have traveled on from the past to the present and how they will continuously adapt to the times we live in, all brought together to create work that pays homage to the ever changing styles.

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