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Grow me a Waterlily
আমার জন্য একটি শাপলা পরিচর্যা কর
Digital Prints and Hand-woven photographic Installation

‘Amar jono ekti Shapla poricharjya khoro- Grow me a Waterlily’ dwells in the space between expectations and traditions; by offering an exploration into the self, the home and the idea of belonging.  Nilupa Yasmin is present in her work both visually and physically, portraying her identity through an understanding of craft and the politicised notion of fabric.


As a British, Bengali, Muslim woman she aims to create a place for herself. In doing so, she explores the ideas of what she should, could and would be.


‘Grow me a Waterlily’ shows intricately woven archival images combined into self-portraits, incorporating bold statements made from Yasmin’s headscarf to her mother's wedding saree. In this, each image tells a story of her journey into self-discovery.


Paying homage to her Bengali traditions and Yasmin’s persistence in creating a space, viewers are invited to be a part of this installation of a contemporary British Bengali living room. Weaving as a form of self-expression is brought together with these striking self-portraits that study her identity. Physically weaving together her many identities this piece conveys Yasmin’s journey into learning about the person she has become.

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