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Shekah, to learn
Digitally printed scarves

শিখা (Shekah, to learn) is a body of work that highlights the process of learning, in which Yasmin explores her lost family history of weaving, further. Combined it with her love for handcraft and photographic explorations, she produces work that is both aesthetically pleasing with a unique methodology.


Using archive images of her mother in her youth, creating intricately detailed woven prints using a variety of materials to produce digitally printed artifacts. Intrigued by the use of textile manipulations, she explores the tactile nature of weaving and its relationship to the very texture of the fabric.


শিখা challenges the expectations of what we perceive a weaver to be.  A weaver is an artist, storyteller and creator. Both through analogue and digital, all of which are explored thorough this image making process. While restoring the age-old craft of weaving in a contemporary setting, she works to honor this lost tradition and find her own identity as a fine artist.  

Further commissioned by Birmingham Big Art Project to exhibit in Centenary Square in Birmingham, 2017  

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