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Amaar Sanskrithi
আমার সংস্কতি

We are all parts of many cultural identities, from religious beliefs to the generation we live in. Sub cultures such as social class, ethnicity and even your age all add up to how we are perceived. 


‘Born in England, whilst still having very strong family roots that come from Bangladesh, has always been a struggle to live around. My Bengali heritage and Islamic beliefs are a constant part of my day to day life along with my British values. Growing up in this society, I have forever found these overlapping identities causing an inner conflict -to find myself and where I fit in.’


Amar Sanskrithi is an exploration into these cultures and what it really means to reside into them. We are all a part of more than one lifestyle, many of which can present a struggle to maintain together. This body of work underpins an understanding into the constant battle affecting day to day lives, from clothing to our surroundings, and the overwhelming need to stay connected. 

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