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Wallpaper of Memories


Responding to her own traditions and heritage, Yasmin uses images from her family albums to recreate new pieces both visually aesthetic and tell a story of their own. Many of these images drawn from her childhood, show a response created from old archives to form a new, current and contemporary way of working.  

'From the wallpaper, sofa covers to the carpet on the floor, there was a re-occurring factor in all the images. They had a variety of noticeable patterns. I couldn't not use that!' 


These images are a few from a many that span moments of her life. Memories formed through the tactility of a photograph have become an evident path in how an image can grow into more than just an object. The family album tells a story of hopes and dreams passed down through generations, to the identities formed in who she has become.


Created through intersecting and overlaying patterns found in the images; the evident materiality both literally and figuratively aids to understanding how we perceive archival images in a digitally driven world. 

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