Nilupa Yasmin

Nilupa Yasmin (b.1995) is an award winning Artist and Educator.

Working primarily lens based, Yasmin takes a keen interest in the notion of culture, self-identity and anthropology. Combined with her love for handcraft and the materiality in photographic explorations, she repeatedly draws upon her own South Asian culture and heritage.

The practice of weaving, passed down through inheritance, has become an integral exploration in the development and expression of human value. Her research examines the principles of craft in art based practice; becoming an evident methodology shown throughout her work whilst investigating ideals and traditions that are very close to home.

Continually drawing upon what it means to be a British Bangladeshi Muslim Woman, she aims to create a space of representation for the underrepresented, through her photographic practise. 

Nilupa is a Visiting lecturer in Photography at Coventry University and a studio holder at Grand Union, Birmingham. 

Photograph by Sabiheh Mahmoud

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