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Handwoven Photographs and Digitally Printed Wallpaper

One of the prominent ways to brings people together, are their local markets. Through weekly group meetings to nattering in little hubs, community life is something that is both cherished and celebrated here. From charity tables, car boot sales to creative name-boards, market life has become the centre of these towns. This project looks at celebrating this union of people who both attend these markets as well as those who have based their livelihoods from them. 

Stories hidden in these stalls, to their owners and the history behind who they are, are all parts of what makes this body of work come together. A community is made by its people and as much as it is by its surroundings.  


Nilupa Yasmin uses weaving as a process to bring together her own perception whilst becoming a part of these stories. Weaving has clear ties to community gathering and a long history of bringing people together through technique, time and workmanship.
All brought together to tell the tale of these markets. 

Commissioned by Multistory, 2019

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