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Something Old, Something New 
Digital Prints 

‘Something Old, Something New’ looks into a contemporary, innovative and renewed way of looking at the Worcester Gallery’s Herbarium Collection. 


‘Herbaria collecting dates back over 500 years, but the collection at Worcester represents many thousands of specimens of plants, lichens, fungi and ferns, predominantly gathered throughout the nineteenth century.’ 


These photographic set of prints look into a new way of viewing a historic collection, filled with countless stories within their fragments. The Herbarium has become a vital resource in studying and educating the various changes and adaptations to a number of species within Herbaria. Thus, this work becomes a part of this ongoing journey in understanding and interpreting the collection. 


Nilupa Yasmin creates these prints, meticulously picking apart the specimen found in the collection, to challenge this tendency in viewing preserved objects behind glass or boarded out of sight.

Allowing this further use, allows the audience to see the work in a different light. Creating another life for the images and acknowledging an additional momentum added to their history, in this inventive modern approach.


The specimen used to create these pints are:
Wild Strawberry
Wild Teasel

Cow Parsley

Red Clover


Yellow Loosestrife

This project is the first to be shared as part of our From the Art Gallery with Love project. ‘Something Old, Something New’ introduces a contemporary, innovative way of looking at the Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum’s Herbarium Collection.

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