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A walk through Aston
Handwoven Photographic Tapestry

Inspired by many of the tapestries in the hall, this piece is brought together with photographs from in and around Aston hall as well as the surrounding area of Aston. As we come to understand the relevance of the hall, it’s history and the stories carved into the wall, we forget the significance of current day Aston and its imbedded culture. With help from visitors and community residents, Nilupa Yasmin uses her Artist residency to create this hand woven tapestry. Many locals who have lived in Aston for many years have never visited the hall. Although in the centre, it has become an isolated place from it’s inhabitants. The message behind this piece becomes a way of allowing the outside to be a part of the inside. 


‘A walk through Aston’ is created in order to convey the intertwining of past and present tales from the hall, brought together in a contemporary transformation of the old craft of weaving. Celebrating 400 years, it’s important to look around at what the hall will mean in the next years to come. 

Residency funded by Arts Council Collection in partnership with  Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Work is now part of The Birmingham Museums Trust Collection

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