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Baiyn - বায়ন
Handwoven photographs

Foleshill Road is occupied by a majority of South Asian Muslim, Sikh and Hindu communities after migrating to Coventry.  Previously being centre to the ribbon-weaving industry, a history so richly travelled from South Asia, as they did. 

Yasmin explores the hand-crafted art of weaving in conjunction to the current day Foleshill. Using weaving as an art form she discusses the utilitarian nature behind its history which marries into the many clothing/fabric stores present on the road today. 


Intertwined with Yasmin’s heritage, Baiyn বায়ন, which means weaving in Bengali, conveys the journey of craft in a modern day setting and how culturally we have responded to using this means of production. Presented as a handwoven shitalpati, she pays homage to her own Bengali culture and its rich heritage.

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