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Shunar Ghor
সোনার ঘর 
Photographic sculptures 
2021- ongoing

Shunar Ghor, (Gold House), explores the politics of self-empowerment, security and status in owning and wearing gold for women in South Asian Culture. Labelled as “women’s things”, a decorative adornment with longstanding association to womanhood and patriarchal social customs, gold is also used as a form of female power, giving woman resilience and strength. A symbol of self-expression and freedom, for those who have come before, who are here and are yet to come. In Shunar Ghor, Yasmin uses images shared by South Asian women around the world to create intricately folded origami figures. Gold, a marker of shared histories and generational stories, is seen in every fold, crease and pleat of these photographic sculptures. 

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