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Made In Brixton
Handwoven Photographs

"Brixton is an incredibly multicultural area, and gentrification has already made its way into the stalls. You can see it when you’re walking down the row of shops, in the way they have adapted to the current state of development. Many shops have become a lot more accustomed to accommodating to the current day, age and market they’re selling for. This is in no way a bad thing, as businesses have to thrive, and tapping into their current market is a must for survival; you can almost see the businesses that are being left behind.

Throughout the residency, I’ve been interested in marrying the visual space of the markets with the products sold, the old with the new and the traditional with the modern. Residents have a lot of opinions about the ambiguous products sold by their neighbours but are very interested in how different and far the market has come from when they started.

The surrounding colour and vibrancy are what excite me the most about markets; it’s also something that I try my best to convey through the work I’m creating. Markets have a life of their own, each stall running with their own story and selling their own craft."

Artist Residency funded by Grain in partnership with Photofusion, 2019

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